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Originally Posted by koby411 View Post
I installed this and tried using it.
It bumps the thread on thread view.
But on the forum index, it doesn't update the last post info with the bumped thread..

How do I make it do that?
Presumably your forum index is cached, since it updates on Showthread.php
Clear the forum index cache and that should do it.

Originally Posted by CoryNickerson View Post
Is it possible to incorporate a timer for this? Admin can set bump times for each specific forum. This will limit people from repeat bumping on high traffic forums like mine.
Ooh nice idea, but a little too complex for me to implement just right now.

This hack limits the number of bumps that can be done in a threads lifetime, if that's any help.
i.e. if you set the limit to 5, then the thread can be bumped OR debumped only five times no matter who does it.

There's a hack out there that limits the bumping to the thread author, however, if you'd prefer that. Still no timer though!

Anyone who's interested: it says above that this is not supported. I come back in here only when I can, so be patient or don't bother.
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