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I got it working with LetsEncrypt. i just couldn't get the wildcard to work but the subdomain is fine now.

Thanks for the replies! It is almost like the old days again when people were actually here!

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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Typically a proxy is used to deal with these kind of scenarios. The proxy handles all incoming traffic and has the proper certificates in place and then it routes the traffic to the proper host/IP address.
Actually that was my next plan. The main site has cloudflare so I was planning on using that for the ssl but it ended up working through the server.

Thanks Dave

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Originally Posted by z3r0 View Post
As we are in the days where you can get an SSL for free, just put a separate certificate on each server.

I don't use Linux servers but on Windows, it's stupidly simple -
It is pretty easy on Linux as well normally.

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