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HTTPS Settings

Hello all! I'm wanting to set my forums up so that all site links are HTTPS enabled. I've gone to "Admin>Options>Site Name / URL / Contact Details" and changed my forum URL to HTTPS. I'd like to know if there's anything additional I should do? What setting should I put the "Always use Forum URL as Base Path" to, and what would enabling/disabling that really affect (I'm not clear on what the "Help" description is trying to tell me).

Also, should I do anything with the "Redirect Domain Whitelist". Basically, my main concern is if I switch to HTTPS will there be any dead links on the forums or will anything stop working as intended? I have a near vanilla vB theme (just changed some icons) and only a countdown plugin added. Also, when I was testing changing the URL to HTTPS, whenever I clicked around a bit checking the forums out, eventually the URL would switch back to HTTP. How can I ensure that users on the site keep using HTTPS during the duration of their visit?

Would love to get some thoughts and advice on each of my questions. Thanks so much everyone!
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