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Originally Posted by kh99 View Post
If you're talking about trying the last code you posted above, that won't work because the only way the condition would be true is if pm.folderid was equal to -1 and to 0. If you wanted to do it that way you'd need an OR (and add parens), like:

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But that's actually equivalent to "AND pm.folderid IN (0, -1)", which is what you get by removing the NOT.
That did the trick on a manual run of the cron. I will be testing it on auto cron tonight, but it looks like it worked perfect.

Thank you once again kh99
(I will likely post these changes on the original 3.7 thread)
(if it says reusable code, does that mean I can submit this in my name with original credits as a new 4.x mod?)
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