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Thank you all.

I checked tonight to verify a natural automatic cron prune of stale pm's on a test account in a test usergroup.

Previously I verified it works as desired with a manual run of the cron, but I wanted additional verification on auto-cron plus to check for any other anomoloies.

I logged in and noticed it hadnt worked. I logged in my acp and looked at my cron que and noticed a few of them had stacked up due to lack of traffic. So I clicked my forum a few times and rechecked the cron. Caught up and done according to logs. Then I logged in my test account, and low and behold, it worked and worked perfectly in both inbox and sent folders, leaving custom folders untouched.

Now, as far as this problem suggested,..
Originally Posted by snakes1100 View Post
That hack doesnt work 100% regardless of changing the xml file, your going to end up with bad results on deleted PM records still showing up for users, which they cant get rid of.
I have no idea what this is referring to as two test user accounts, two different usergroups, and three manual cron tests and two auto cron tests,... and I have not experienced this at all.

In fact, it works perfectly.

THANK YOU all that helped !!
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