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For those of us that are lazy.. Here's the jist of it.

Following my last post I think I've managed to fix the flash file... The problem was with the decompiled source. I managed to find the original Actionscript source code for YUI 2.9.0 here:

I used that to replace some of the decompiled source from uploader.swf and then recompiled with a REGEX to sanitise allowedDomain. The result is a working uploader.swf that passes the exploit proof of concept.

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If there are any proper Flash developers out there who can double check my code I will be happy to share the source!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a flash developer, I am just another vBulletin customer trying to keep his members happy! This file is provided free of charge for the benefit of the vBulletin community. You use it at your own risk! Please test before using on a live site!!
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