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Originally Posted by TransAmDan View Post
Brilliant fix, I've been using it for many months now. We run an American and Classic car club, and we have many photos of events we have attended, could be up to 1000 photos to upload.
A few years ago, I remember just setting up there 1000 to upload and leaving it. However after about 50 the gap between uploads gets greater. Therefore slowing to almost a halt at 100. I dont think it is the change of this fix, but something else that has crept in. Has anyone else noticed this?
I wonder if that is fixable. I've never tried SWF coding, my area is AVR assembler, ASP, VB or C++.
This fix doesn't use flash/swf coding at all- it is the built in HTML/Javascript powered uploader. If the same slowness affects both the AJAX and Flash uploader than the problem is with the server not the SWF file. Frankly 50 or 100 or more files were never intended to be uploaded at once. vBulletin isn't gallery software- it's forum software that allows images. I'm glad it is working out for you but no one ever tested uploading 1000 images.
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