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I know that people complain more than compliment but didn't realise it was on this scale.

I quite like
There are a few things I'd change and add, such as creating an automated index in the tutorials forum, or defaulting it to display via thread title asc., and adding a way for people to moderate their own threads to remove old bug reports and such clutter (I understand there's a database thing coming to tackle that problem).
And I sometimes skim through S/Feedback and think that staff replies are a bit ruder than they need be (I think it's the case they're just to the point and that can come across as rude)


Overall it's a good site.
It seems pretty well organised, the custom titles are useful, the bigass first post box is handy with the checkboxes.
And from what I can see all threads survive, even "embarassing" ones such as the ipbarcade hotm "dispute".
Quality wise the tutorials are very useful and the hack categories are nicely done too, so it's pretty easy to use the site.

I think it's going right more than it's going wrong.
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