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Honestly we all have different rates, different locations and lifestyles to accompany such. With that being said rates vary.

Rough Example Estimate on the above list:

US/UK Based Developer - $250 to $500+/-
Non US Based Developer - $25 to $50+/-

Why? Well again it's location, overhead, and is this a work from home developer or one that works for a company - are you paying the cost a company assigns to their products and services or an individuals? There are various factors and I always compare web work and such to automobiles... you want a new or used car, each dealership is different in costs and warranties/services etc so naturally something of this caliber can vary greatly including the quality of the work performed.

Now with all that ^ being said... does this mean your getting a better job done for the $500 - Certainly not, I've seen some quotes of the same job just like my example above and the non-us based developer since someone trusted them to do the job, did it well and for only $50. Can you trust everyone? No but sometimes a leap of faith as they say can land you a good developer who works hard for the money they know pays the bills and is fair to them respectively. Some coders can work 8 hours a day for $50 and some cannot, it all boils down to whom you trust to do the job well and if they can complete it within your budget AND timeframe.

My 2 cents.
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