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Originally Posted by Christos Teriakis View Post
It was almost midnight when I replied so maybe I used wrong wording. You've talked for USA/UK, which means countries, and I replied on the same factor. Comparing countries and not states or cities.

Cheap = Expensive (at final calculation).

Never faced such problem. Clients who are working with me for years, and they know the ending result of their project, prefer to wait than to test something new. And finally I'm totally clear to them since the first time. "Yes, I can do this for this (..) amount but I can start it at that (...) time".
Ahh so your in Zombie mode sometimes like me eh? I prefer to call it being a "night owl" and no its true, you won't notice this either unless they contacted you in advance and then you happened to notice no follow up at all... that was not a play on quality or consistency at all no sir I meant to say that's simply human nature to find it elsewhere if waiting too long, same principle as them opening up a lane at checkout and the person behind you forgetting the barber shop principle (he who is in front of you goes first for the haircut) and cut right in front of you - that is the play on patience I meant to speak .
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