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Not sure what you mean by "Akismet as handled by Spam-O-Matic is ENABLED with ID." sounds to me like you have some strange setup or the vB Akismet is conflicting.

If you want me to have a look PM me your admin logins so I can see what you have setup. I'd like to see the moderated posts as well.
I meant that I put in the field you provided my actual Akismet ID, which I thought you'd might want to be aware of for your trouble shooting.

Running vb4.04pl1 with nothing odd about it other than pretty standard add-ons that I bet at least 50% of people here run as well .... and to reiterate, vBulletin's new Akismet "Anti-Spam" option was turned OFF in the recent testing as per your suggestion.

Have gone back to vBStopForum mod for now, as I can't afford to have 13,000+ members sending me emails at all hours of the day complaining about their posts being moderated when there's nothing wrong with them.

Will happily do more testing as future releases come out and more people post results, including any validated conflicts.

Thanks for your efforts ..

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