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it's been so long since my last visit here, love coming here just to experience the nostalgia of the old internet.

I've been using VB3 since 2005, it was the best forums platform at the time, all the free ones were somehow just lacking and at vb, they had the best and the only mods available. I remember it was fantastic how I site looks at the time, with vbadvanced as front page CMS, my classifieds section was based on vbacmps as well, just lotsa template edits. My site was pretty decent in size then, at its peak 100,000 members, 8mil pageviews monthly.

Server bills were rising fast as well, not to mention endless fighting ddos and hacking that the site never seemed to recover fully. There's alsways bound to be data loss, corruption.

I also remember my VBSEO days, it was the most expensive, bloated, unrealiable, mythical software at the time. I'm sure many found it great, but i truly didn't. I had to upgrade my servers just because vbseo somehow used a lot of resources and I kept it on for years fearing site rank drop.

But all in all, Vbulletin was the primary backbone for over a decade of my now 20 year old site. Unfortunately, as the standards increase, with the mobile use and the social networks, I couldn't stick with VB and VB4 just didn't work for me. I'm currently on xf for a few years now, the site isn't like what it used to be unfortunately but it offers better more modern user experience

it has been a great run, big thanks vbulletin, the team, developers and fellow forummers!
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