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And did it tell you why he was found and rejected? (IP, Email, Username)

You will need to read the description of this mod more carefully.

1 )It does not email you each time it tags a spammer, your inbox would be flooded with junkmail from Spam-O-Matic. Instead it logs them.

2) It does not place users in a queue for moderation. It places posts in the moderation queue. If they are not registered, they can't be queued.

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the answer to my first question, why was he banned in the first place?

1. There is no user moderation, there is post moderation.
2. Spam-O-Matic logs things, it does not email about them
3. You can't unban his IP from Spam-O-Matic because Spam-O-Matic is not where the "banned" IPs are stored. Those IPs are stored on which is where Spam-O-Matic gets its data from. So if your user is tagged as a Spammer because of his IP then you can turn off IP checks or you can tun your cache down to something lower than the default 90 days.

You are asking me why your mod banned him, seriously? Was he in the spammer Database, and that was why he was rejected? He is helping me, so I knew he is not spamming my forum, soI am not sure what he does on other forums, but regardless, it flagged and rejected him instantly...We need a way to white list users that we know, what I do not need is a maybe or maybe not he will be flagged and rejected again, if it flags him again, I will disable the mod as useless..if it will not give users a chance to plea their case if they are flagged on mistake, or if they are rejected, at least throw the user into a user group for review and for them to have a way to at least contact admin just in case they may not be a spammer.
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