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I have to be honest.

I have a few codes I intend to share as soon as I get my site in better order.(very soon)
this is more then likely going to be one of them, but...

So far I have not received adequate responses to my requests for paid or unpaid services on this site so I'm not sure how much longer I am going to continue to utilize
or vbulletin in general for that matter.

I have reached a state beyond disappointment with both vbulletin and support sites for it.

I do not wish to be like the countless others who list their complaints in detail or bash the script, only for it to escalate into a post war between members who feel the same way as I do and those who feel the need to defend the script or site in question. Those who feel the same way as I do know the problems we face and the level or lack there of when it comes to progress....

My apologies if this was not the response you had hoped for but I have some refinement to do to this code and by the time I am done with it I may not be very active on here anymore...

Now don't get me wrong there are many codes and edits available on here that are top quality and supported but many that are not. So I can only suggest that you be sure to take the time to make sure the code you intend to use is supported and read all the post for it to check for any issues that have arose...

If by chance I do get it completed before I stop using the site I will be sure to message you directly with a link to the mod...
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