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Originally Posted by fernandofgg View Post
Hi community, my vB version is 4.2.4

I have banned a guy that probably have skills on scrapping or hacking or dont know what

I have download links from mega, mediafire, google drive and yandex disk in thousand of posts

I have a lot of download links that are actually posted in this banned guy web site, this guy is in some way is having access to my download links (to see my posts you dont need to loged in), but loged off this guy is sreapping the download links or hacking my vB4

In fact this guy is moking of my forum because he say vB sotware is totally vulnerable

Is it possible this? I will appreciate any help

Best regards
As suggested upgrade to latest vbulletin 4.2.5
Rename your modcp/admincp directories, reset your administrators/super-moderators/moderators passwords.. (priority).

From your post it appears, you are running an illegal site which provides download links to premium/paid apps/tools/software ?
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