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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
It says we need to modify the template postbit.....

Should we not also modify the template postbit_legacy as well, if boards use it
Er.. yes, if your board uses it you should also update it.

Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Since there is no place in this mod that I can find to identify who is a forum moderator or not, can I assume you've defaulted to UserGroup numbers 5,6,7 (Senior Moderator, Admin, Moderator) as the basis for this?
no usergroup check, it simply relies on vBulletin's API. if the user has privileges to moderate posts in a forum.

Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
ps: Can I make a suggestion? Instead of the phrase "ham", why not call it "Not Spam" to avoid confusion?
"ham" is the going name for "not spam", you could simply change the phrases that use "ham".
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