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Some years ago I was wondering the same. But it has a logic that there is no such award. Some reasons:
  1. Especially in now days there are no so much coders to participate.
  2. DBTech who appears to have a lot of mods here is not a coder but an alliance of coders, so most members will be confuse on voting.
  3. There are coders who at the same time are moderators here. Only this fact makes voting a bit risky.
  4. Voting based on what criteria? eg a coder has 3 addons for general use, with 100 lines of code each. He spent (eg) 10 hours coding them. At the same time maybe there is another coder with just 1 addon for specific forums (so less popular). But this addon has 10,000+ lines of code and gots months to finish. Code quality the same. So, for whom you'll vote?

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