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ibProArcade v2.7.2 Installation


I'm trying to install ibProArcade v2.7.2 on my vBulletin 4.2.3 forum.

I'm following the instructions and it's telling me to edit the Template "navbar" and put "<li><a href="arcade.php{vb:raw session.sessionurl_q}">Arcade</a></li>" right below "<li><a href="calendar.php{vb:raw session.sessionurl_q}">{vb:rawphrase calendar}</a></li>".

I do not see "<li><a href="calendar.php{vb:raw session.sessionurl_q}">{vb:rawphrase calendar}</a></li>" in the "navbar" template.

Couldn't I add a link for the arcade in the "Navigation Manager" in the "Settings" tab in the AdminCP instead?

Also, will ibProArcade work on a Windows based server or must it be a Linux based server?

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