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Impex help with function mysql_connect error

Hoping someone can help. I have the following error message:

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I've spoken with my hosts who assure me they've switched mysql_connect on for my domain but that hasn't done anything. I'm still getting the same error message.

To confirm my steps thus far:

01. Downloaded impex from github.
02. Unpacked files from zip.
03. Renamed the folder to impex.
04. Edited config file to reflect both target and source.
05. Uploaded impex/ to public_html (same location as admincp directory).
06. Uploaded cpnav_impex.xml to includes/xml.
07. Signed into admincp > import > import > entered passcode

Then get the error message outlined above. As I said, my hosts assure me mysql_connect is turned on but I'm still getting the error message. Any other suggestions?
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