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Thanks for mentioning that In Omnibus.

What if the website that the article is coming from (via the RSS feed) is simply reprinting the article from it's original source?

I see this all the time where lots of legitimate websites simply reprint the exact same article (by the same author). Thus if this same article apperared on my website in a thread...I would think this would be very similar to what these other sites are doing.

For example...if Apple releases a new iPhone model (and the article is written by John Smith)...this same exact article by John Smith will appear in it's entirety on many different technology sites. I'm thinking if all these sites are doing long as the original author is getting credit for the article...all might be good.

Back to what you said about the "RSS Preview". Is there code I can add to the RSS Feed Body Template to get the RSS Preview?

Right now the code I have in the Body Template for each RSS feed is pretty minimal...and if I could add some extra code to get the RSS Preview...that would be great.

--------------- Added 08 Mar 2019 at 11:52 ---------------

Update. Found some additional RSS feeds that automatically come with an image & article text as part of an RSS I think I'm good to go. Thanks
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