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Originally Posted by oooh em geee View Post
I fixed the first issue I had, but I have another question. In my images you can see what I mean.

I want the second image, the affiliate one, to show home in front of it as well. Just like in the first image. How can I change that?

Like it says: Home > Frontpage

And the other one only says: Affiliates
That has nothing to do with this article - you are asking about the navbits code. You should ask for help modifying that code out in the main vb4 forums. (And actually, I believe it is a problem with your affiliates page and the way your wrote the navbits code, so you should post that part of your code when you ask for help.)
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Try a search before posting for help. Many users won't, and don't, help if the question has been answered several times before.
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