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Originally Posted by paulyy
Although it would be useful and I can see where you're coming from, is there a particular reason why you want certain groups to moderate certain sections, and not mods moderate the board?

Anyway, Groups & Permissions allow you to do what you want to do in effect.
yes, it's called teenage power abuse! I run a few gaming sites, the lots of the mods like 'overmodding' in other words, modding for modding sake!

So, my solution was to demod the worst offenders, and then section site so they have SPECIFIC areas when they can mod

This made is much easier to control and administer, and stopped the 'mod abuse' over night. I did this 10 months ago on my IPB site, so when I bought vBulletin I simply ASSUMED it would have this functionality, but it doesn't

Enough people have posted agreeing it would be a GOOD addition, for 'non professional' sites where you reply on VOLUNTEER MODS, they need to be controled in an easier way than on professional sites (like here), where they're not gonna go about causing havoc :P. Also, we have a relatively high staff turnover (staff of 50 or so on each site), which means it's a LOT of Admin CP work to keep the moderating correct

Basically, it can't be hard to hack/include in the next vBulletin and it would take away the MAJOR DISADVANTAGE (for me) or vBulletin over IPB.....


Chris Dark
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