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Originally Posted by Zachery
I run a few really large sites, and i would never want groups to moderate areas, thats what categorys are for
Totally agree, But however
When we go for a differentiation among allowing a UserGroup Category to be added as a moderator to mod specific categories only..
Admin have a liberty to specify what forums will be undertaken/moderated by this group of moderators.

Vbulletin supports adding a Super-Moderator too, but again this super-moderator has the rights to edit all the forums, this wont be suitable for all forums,
I would myself like to retrict this power.

Having a UserGroup to moderate specific forums/categories is defiently a need.
I have 5 categories - each having 5 forums in them.
I have appointed 3-5 moderators for each category, depending upon the activity there.

When some moderator leaves/joins the system. I only need to add/remove them from specific category.
Now, this is a very well supported system by Vbulletin.

but however, It would be better if (Vbulletin Users) I am able to add all the moderators to those 5 public categories, its always beneficial.

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