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It appears that the vbSeo only include our memberlist, I am not getting an error message, what could be the problem?

Here is the log (th enumber of urls is how many members we have 39801)

[homepage] [3,091.1Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] forumdisplay [3,091.5Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] showthread [3,091.6Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[archive homepage] [3,091.3Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] forumdisplay archived [3,091.7Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] showthread archived [3,091.8Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] member [3,091.6Kb mem used] [0s (+0s)]
[SECTION START] polls [3,578.7Kb mem used] [2s (+2s)]
[create sitemap file] filename: sitemap_1.xml.gz, number of urls: 39801 [3,122.6Kb mem used] [2s (+0s)]
[create sitemap in text format] part #2 [3,122.5Kb mem used] [2s (+0s)]
[create sitemap index] filename: sitemap_index.xml.gz, number of sitemaps: 1 [3,123.8Kb mem used] [2s (+0s)]

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