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@tpearl5: If you already use vBGallery, then you probably want to stick with it unless your gallery is small where it doesn't matter if you start new. There is no import/export script between the galleries so starting PhotoPlog means losing vBGallery content (if you uninstall it). To avoid that, you could run vBGallery and install PhotoPlog but block uploads to vBGallery so you'd only be using it to feed any images already out there. As for updating PhotoPlog to vB5, there are currently no plans to do this, as vBulletin 5 already seems to have a gallery, but who knows what vB's gallery is going to look like. Also, vBulletin 5 isn't ready for the bigger mods (as evidenced by the number of vB5 mod releases to date). It's hard to say what will happen in the future. However, right now PhotoPlog has many of the features of any of the popular galleries out there even though you may read it referenced to as a "vB hack" or something similar by at least one commercial competitor. With PhotoPlog you can set permissions based on usergroup, add a watermark to images, create custom fields, upload as a different user, among other things.

@skol: I couldn't reproduce this either, but if you or anyone else experiences it, please let me know. Thanks!!

@ikopylov: Yes, you are correct, PhotoPlog wasn't upgraded to vB 4.2.1 until just recently, and for that I'm sorry. You are also correct that vBGallery and PhotoPlog are similar. Both cannot work without vBulletin, and both also have similar features though there is no import/export script so links between the two would be broken (without htaccess redirects or running both as mentioned above). You could also use PhotoPlog's FTP import to get any images into PhotoPlog quickly, though this of course won't redirect links on its own. Other than that, I don't know much about vBGallery especially after the PhotoPost/vBAdvanced lawsuit/whatever thing happened, sorry.
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