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@GaryT and Light Peak: PhotoPlog is phrased so just search via the ACP -> PhotoPlog -> Change Phrases -> Search in Phrases -> Search for Text -> Find -> Edit -> Save.

@angeljs: The vBA page is blank because one of the constants atop PhotoPlog's vbadvanced.php file is not defined (they all used to be defined but are no longer) so you get a blank page as PhotoPlog exits. It is a very easy fix once I know what constants are defined (and you want at least one of them there for security reasons). To let me know what constants are defined, edit PhotoPlog's vbadvanced.php file and replace it with the below, save and FTP it, go to your portal page and please let me know what you see on screen:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

@hsoen: PhotoPlog is not likely to slow your server down anymore than adding or installing any other program. PhotoPlog is coded using table keys and uses slave server queries on nonessential queries (for example, an "essential" query is one used in say uploading an image, and a "nonessential" query is one used to say display information). To disable gallery and comment counts in the forum postbit, go to the ACP -> Products & Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Edit "PhotoPlog Postbit Gallery Counts" -> set "Plugin is Active" to No -> Save. For the duplication of Title and Description, do you remember what you did right before that occurred? The solution is here. There are double entries in the photoplog_customfields database table for that category and one set needs to be removed. I'm not able to reproduce this though, so anything you can tell me about how it happened to you might help. Thanks!!
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