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Not me.. If we had that much snow, I would wait until it melted before going outside.

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Originally Posted by deezelpope View Post
Ack! Snow isn't evil! However, I concur that ice storms definitely ARE the epitome of evil. I've never been afraid to drive in snow, but you'll never see me going anywhere in an ice're just stupid if you try driving during one.
When it snows once every 5 or 6 years, snow causes all sorts of problems. Even if you can drive in it. The average speed on the local freeway is somewhere between 80 MPH and splattering your brains on the center divider. And I am not kidding. One stretch of local highway is affectionately called "Death Highway" by the locals because there are 3 or 4 fatal accidents a week. Now mix in snow and ice. People wonder why it only takes 3 flakes of snow within a half-hour period to close the schools here. Its to protect the children from the idiots.
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