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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
This still isn't the place to discuss paid work.
When did you become a moderator ? I must have missed that.

They are not "discussing paid work", they are expressing an interest (if it should happen).
If I decide to take that route, I will make it known, and create a way for people to contact me about it.

If people wish to contact me before, then TAZ is a better place.
I joined the staff there in the summer, and spend most of my vBulletin related time there now.
There is nothing tying me to this site anymore.

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Originally Posted by TTayfun View Post
Paul, i think you should add in display unread mod
I happen to agree, Im trying to remember why I never added it as part of "Garfield", when we did 4.2.0, but I dont recall now.
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