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Originally Posted by nexialys View Post
it's not a special deal, but i don't see why it was added "hiddenly" to the latest version, as there was already a dozen of similar solutions. Jelsoft added it to save time for newbies who do know nothing about coding... so you cheat on their back... funny fact now...
Originally Posted by Lizard King View Post
Wayne ,

Why not all these key privacy information not made into announcement ? This is my main concern.

If nobody will noticed it , you had no intention to inform your customers. Thats not the correct way to deal with your customers and Jelsoft never acted like this in past.
The next concern is what are the more things that hidden behind new releases ?

I never thought Jelsoft do such things hiddenly in order to get more money !!

The confidential of customers on your company is NOT important for you ??

What kind of deal is this ?