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Originally Posted by Lupixos View Post
hm I've unfortunately still the trouble with this arcade here.
because I really can not help what I do I can not get token whom a high score to be transferred.

But before I come now to the latest version should upgrade, I prefer to write the times I have the latest version on it but I've had the vbcms (portal) with me on it. Now I have the portal to the start page of the Forum made, I've read in the vbcms.php renamed index.php and index.php in forum.php.
I hope it can help someone because the arcade is back
I think your having the same problem as me........

My original VB index.php has been renamed to forum.php and the VBAdvanced cmps_index.php has been renamed index.php

The v3A games submit fine, but the IBPro games call index.php on submission, which is obviously wrong and you end up with just a blank page.

I would appreciate some help on this too, as I've been chasing my own tail trying to find a solution.
TIA folks
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