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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
I still dont understand the objective, why do you want to remove that record ?

Two things ;

1. Dont use db->query_first() on the delete, thats for table reads. I believe its db->query_write() you need, but Im unable to check that where I am located atm.

2. What you are doing atm isnt going to work properly, because you are running the delete before the insert.

You need to remember that shutdown queries are run when all the page processing has completed - just before vb sends the actual html back to the client (and shuts down).
the recored is being removed, so if thread starter views his own thread the view counter does not go up

this is how i came up with this, i edited showthread.php (search for // update views counter)
and came up with this.

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works 100%

im trying to do the same exact thing only without having to edit the showthread.php
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