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Finding THIS_SCRIPT value

Many addons have a section allowing you to display their stuff on various pages. In this case I am working with DB's Donations and am trying to figure out what the page is called when you take the forum and close it/take it offline.

The default settings are: index,forumdisplay,vbdonate

Show donation bar on the following locations. Enter the THIS_SCRIPT location (separated by commas) you want the donation bar to show.
Leave blank to show on all pages. Note: This may have an impact on performance.

To find a THIS_SCRIPT value:
Open the php file (locally, not the webpage!) you're trying to link to and look for this line in the code:
Insert the ANYTEXTHERE into the text area to the right (without the quote marks).
Generally THIS_SCRIPT is is the same as the script file name, but is not always 100% true.
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