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Originally Posted by Chris-777 View Post
It's very bright. It actually hurt my eyes a bit when I opened the tab.

Normally I say "too many forums" when new sites pop up with that many subforums, but it looks like you put a lot of thought into the forum choices, and that looks good.

Other than that though, the skin needs some love. It's just a bright purple default vB.
Thanks for your comments

I will look into making it less bright. I initially thought it was a little bright, but more and more members said they liked it.

As far as the skin goes, I will probably not be using a skin any time soon. Every skin I've ever used affected page load time and made it appear that too much was going on. For my target audience, a loud, flashy page isn't necessary. Sometimes keeping simple works better

And you're right, I did spend a great deal of time choosing the forums/sub-forums I like to be as organized as possible, and the individual sub-forums help achieve that goal, particularly because of the wide range of content I'm supporting.

Again, thanks for the constructive criticism. It's much appreciated
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