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2.0.0 New Features: See the 2nd post for a screenshot and template hook selection tips.
Auto templating – allows setting the location of the tag cloud anywhere on the page.
Tag cloud resides in a collapsible box and has a legend for the custom styles.
Tags that belong to the active forum or thread being viewed can have custom styles.
Added option to set preferred tags that will have custom styles to get them noticed more.

This mod does several things that other tag clouds mods don't do:
1. This is the only mod that will move the showthread's tag box next to the tag cloud.
2. This is the only mod that will show the tag cloud in vbAdvanced without requiring template edits or creating vba modules.
3. This is the only mod that will give you the option of showing or not showing the tag cloud on all 3 types of forum pages without requiring template edits.
4. This is the only mod that allows you to custom style active & preferred tags.

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