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Originally Posted by redlabour View Post
Works perfect!
Glad the update works fine

Originally Posted by ujai View Post

How can I edit the tag to be place at other place besides the top?

Thanks in advance
Originally Posted by sinucello View Post

thanks for this mod, I like the flexibility of it. Maybe you could add an option that allows to place a custom marker in one or all of the templates e. g. ###tagcloud###. This would be even more flexible.

all the best,
Actually, there's already lots of markers (aka template hooks) in VB templates that can be used to implement customized tag cloud placement.

Ujai, before I tell you how, let me wait and see how many people want the tag cloud in a different place besides below the navbar. If there's a significant # of people wanting that feature, then I'll update this mod for auto-customization so you won't have to do custom coding yourself.
Too bad I can't add a poll to this thread - just post a reply if you want this mod to have an auto-customization placement feature. I take it that so far I have 2 votes for this - Ujai & sinucello.
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