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Jacquii, I have that one and if I hadn't already had my head wrapped around PSP, I'd be using it. I've been using PSP for 7 years now.

I signed up for lessons at PS_BW but had to stop due to real life and haven't had a chance to go back. I still have the email from my mentor starred so that once I get a chance to go back, I can email her and ask for her.

There ARE differences but it is as GOOD as PSP, you're right. And the differences are mostly in the names of what things are called. Once I had the "code" word out as to what a tube in psp is an object to you unless it's a multiple, then it's a stamp but then it's still a tube to me, I was's just learning a new language. And since PS X3 is by Corel, it's almost the same horse. Not quite but close.

I've discovered that tubes are called renders in photoshop. But they aren't neatly as popular about being used/shared the way we use them.

Now, if you really want to go to graphics suites...Corel Draw Graphics Suite is a good SOLID one, can rival the Adobe one and is much cheaper. And it seems that Corel is going after a new market with their Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 One that Adobe can't come close to touching.

I don't know if PI has native vector support, never got that far in my classes, but it's in the Corel and the inherited Jasc PSP products. I know that is one thing that adobe has to have as an add has it but it's not native to ps, at least not yet.

Paul, if you decide to try PSP, if you have XP, go to ebay and try and find version as well as verson X2 but has Animation Shop as part of it. Corel took Animation Shop out with Version X and made it a separate program. It's still a separate program on the version 9 disk but it works within 9. Then if you ever upgrade to Vista, AS will still work in Vista very easily even when version 9 has to run in compatible mode.


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