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I started to use ulead products when I found them to be somewhat restricting in what I wanted to create. I then moved on to jasc products which was fine for a while but I soon found the tools were somewhat restricting and versatility was thrown out of the window (The early days) I know, which is why i stated that jasc now corel have evolved since the good ole days.

I then moved to photoshop, That was when I started to pull my hair out which is why I can understand a little why you don't use photoshop. It's daunting and I will be the first to admit that but once you start to understand that there is more to photoshop than it's infamous filter gallery (which I never use) and the array of plugins that it pocesses and start learning the tools and features it's in a league of it's own. I can't see anything that touches it for versatility.

Because of the vast feature rich options you have within photoshop most designers will never touch 10% of photoshops potential. That includes me but for me photoshop was difficult at first but you learn by using the tools.

@ paul: Don't get me wrong. If you are anything like me (which I'm sure your not) you'll be pulling your hair out and screaming at photoshop. Heck, I once asked photoshop to create my designs... would it comply? It's a feature I still want included to this day.
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