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Trade Manager Mod Help?

I have recently had a friend install a new trade manager on my forum. Almost everything is working great. He took it from his forum and pretty much re-created it on mine. For a small fee of course.

Well here is my situation. There are two things that are not working right. When you "create" a trade you have to put it what the creator of the trade is giving, and what you are receiving as well. And other small notes as well of course.

On the "info" page for each trade, the "what creator is sending" and "what you are receiving" does not show up. So I am guessing there is some kind of wrong template edit or something that is causing this.

It would be great if I could send the code to some to just look at for a minute. It's really not that big at all. Or if that does not work I could give them temporary access to the forum.

I would greatly appreciate it. The person who was installing it is going through some family problems and I really would like to get this TM launched. This is the last thing that needs fixed before we can launch it.

Thanks for reading! Any help would be great.
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