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Originally Posted by vizitor View Post
I know... i just wanted to cheer him .
Thanks LOL... it's not a matter of needing to be cheered up, it's a matter of "Not enough hours in the day" and I've just been swamped recently... others have let me down and I've had to pickup their slack (the bums!) and when that happens I must work long hours and that naturally means the normal schedule in regards to updating a style for a new version promptly, goes right out the window unfortunately .

If you could clone me... that would cheer me up however to be perfectly honest I feel that he would revolt as I would have him doing all the work and the original me would be spending every minute of everyday with the wife and kids so it still wouldn't help in getting the style update out any sooner but I would be much happier rofl!

Just being silly everyone, bear with me .
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