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Originally Posted by Boofo View Post
How does this mod differ from this?
I didn't know about this mod. I built the mod for myself and decided to share.
As I can see, the differences are:
- hurik's required upload files - my mod not
- hurik's contain db changes - my mod not
- hurik's mod update the list once a day - my mod update the list on each load (maybe I'll change that to per hour update to make the page load faster)
- It should add a list to admincp home? I tried install this one to check and I didn't see any block.. using 4.1.10

Anyway, there are many duplicates mods in, but each one built diffrently and contain other advantages.
Mine mod advantages over hurik's mod is that my mod doesn't require upload files and my mod doesn't make db changes.
hurik's mod have also advantages over mine mod, with his mod you can get email update.
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