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There are good and bad in every walk of life. Having said that, in an ideal world, getting services for a forum would go down like this.

The person requesting the service should already have an idea of what they want. Putting pen to paper is one way to assure you know just what you want and are able to communicate that to the service provider. In your minds eye you see what you want. On paper you fine tune that image. You tweak it until what is on paper matches what your mental image is about.
That becomes your project roadmap.

The person providing the service looks at your roadmap and decides 3 things:
1> Can it be done
2> How long will it take
3> How much should I charge
A 4th one could be added> Do I have the skills required to do the job
Being honest with a prospective client is paramount to running a good business. If a service provider knows they are in over their head they can go 3 different routes.
1> Point the customer to someone they know that has the skills to complete the task
2> Discuss making changes that are inside their skill level
3> BS their way through the job

Once a project roadmap has been agreed on and the cost factor set, the service provider should pour themselves in to the job and complete it as agreed. Providing the client with updates and peeks at the ongoing job helps to keep them in the loop. (and off your booty)
When you starve a client information-wise, they begin to have doubts.
If a service provider should happen to run in to an issue and it's going to take longer than agreed, they need to be in contact with the client and fill them in. Leaving them hanging is a serious no no. Also if the service provider finds while doing the job there are some undesirable side effects from doing it like the client wants it, LET THE CLIENT KNOW!!!

When the project is completed and delivered, and provided the finished product is as agreed, the client should pay for services rendered. When I ran my alarm company I would ask for 60% up front and the 40% balance on completion. Something like that should work here also.
Communication between client and service provider is the key to being satisfied on both ends with the job.

But it's not an ideal world and people have to be careful. Do your homework. Get online and check reviews. ASK QUESTIONS. Doubt everything...
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