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Originally Posted by Trek View Post
Looks good! I was going to request the "Reply to All" feature, but I see you have that in the TO DO. I also like your OOO idea as well, that'll work great on some accounts I have that I'd like to auto respond to when people PM them.

Nice work though, I'll give it an install later when I have a little more time. =)
Reply to All and the Out Of Office part will most likely be apart of the next version. Just gotta polish up the Out Of Office bit. Thanks for the positive comments! Much appreciated!

Originally Posted by dmm2020 View Post
I would consider this IF every member can still PM a moderator or admin. That exception almost has to be there to do business on my site. I am also interested in seeing advanced PMs to include images and attachments, both based on permissions.
Ah yes, that is also a good suggestion. Didn't think of that when developing the add-on. I'll get working on that too! Thanks for the suggestion.
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