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Originally Posted by zzSQL View Post
uh, dumb question here.

- Instructions for that blackstealth style says to unzip the contents of "Upload" to the root of your forum. (A directory called 'core')
- In the root of your forum there's already a "Core" directory.
- Am I supposed to overwrite the core directory that's already there? Cause i'm not going to do that.
- So, the instructions are fail, how do we make this work?

Kinda sick of the plain forum default for VB5.
You won't replace the content of your /core directory with that of the style's /core directory. Copying doesn't work that way. Anyone that works with filesystems knows that. So there is nothing 'fail' about the instructions. The only fail is your limited understanding.

The only things that will get overwritten are files existing in both directories that have the same name.

If you have an issue with that, backup your /core directory somewhere before you apply the skin.
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