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updated to v1.3 added conditional if registration is active or not, this will also hide the copyright, basically i made it so if my product isnt visible; neither is the copyright... and TBH why should'nt it be that way. i hate products that leave a copyright globally, so i wouldnt do it to my users =) (although on my board you can still see the demo with my reg off) i left it that way just for demo purposes.

also if you have installed my font awesome mods, you will now see icons in the settings, all of my future mods will also have icons, which have no effect if you do not install my font awesome mod, but hopefully more developers take advantage of that =)

Pro version to be released next =)
Sorry been away so long, new baby, got married, got into GM, just got to the point I can resume developing.
I'm working on a bunch of products, some free, some paid, and will release them all at once.
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