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From what I've been told by clients of a certain hosting company I work for... per their ticket replies and the responses given by staff recently there will be no further updates or development to their products. I may or may not have the in-depth details correct yet so I'd rather not say for sure, this is speculation based on what I've seen copy/pasted in replies from the support they have active now however from what they have on the home page it seems like something occurred recently to warrant this, whatever that is I do not know.

If you visit their home page it specifically states this:
PhotoPost is not actively accepting new license orders or renewals. For existing customers, please contact us with any questions, or, feel free to post to the forums if you have active members area access.

So while I can appreciate Richie sharing the link to the page where you can purchase... I'd certainly contact them directly to inquire before purchasing using any of those links.

Originally Posted by Bernard4366 View Post
Nope, tried that already. "PhotoPost Pro / vBGallery License is not orderable." when you click the buy link.
Edit: ^ I overlooked your reply, don't know how I missed it but thanks for sharing, now we know and more importantly now I do lol .

*Normally we don't discuss paid modifications on this site unless its a very general inquiry and never really pricing honestly. With that being said, every few years a particular and popular software such as vBSEO and now Photopost either end up buckling or "simmering" down for whatever reason whether it be expected or completely out of the blue then we're left with tons of vBulletin owners asking questions and just needing to know so I don't see an issue discussing this here but unless you know for sure please don't speculate and if you do speculate in the slightest do as I did above and be sure to iterate the fact that its in your opinion OR that you're not 100% sure or simply don't know for sure .

I'd like to leave this thread open for future discussion on those who happen to be curious about this but since its a third-party paid modification I'm moving it into Community Lounge and out of the vB4 forums respectively because it's borderline allowable so to me that's considered off-topic at best. Again I'm going to re-iterate that I'm only leaving this open for a positive and helpful discussion to take place if this thread becomes inundated with poorly worded or disruptive replies it will be closed immediately and thanks for your understanding on that!

Edit: For an alternative you can try DB Tech's Gallery product.
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