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Eric I don't believe they're what they used to be i.e. seems like something happened that they do not wish to disclose - after all why state on the home page that you've quit selling your products unless something is "up" good/bad/ugly - what that is we may never know or perhaps will find out soon enough. So calling them rude for lack of replies when things are clearly not as they used to be is your prerogative and perception but not ours . I don't think (unsure of this) that they even have the same support staff anymore and if so it's very limited at best.

On a side note yet related: Remember everyone, any third-party modification can be susceptible to any number of scenarios including this one so assuming you'll have a modification and support "forever" despite license agreements is not a good way to think about modifications. Internet based companies have more chances for failure than most in my opinion.
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