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Photopost down (at long last)

Photopost is down (or at least the database is down) and they have a fist full of internal errors.
For years they have abused their customers and failed to update and secure the products. Photopost products were poor in scripting terms to start with, barely secure and at best put the host script at risk. The only reason I believe they survived so long was the fact that most who brought their products did a good job at promoting their forums and galleries... this in term trapped them and they had little choice but to stay with the sinking ship.

Normally I'm sad when a company gets in to trouble or restricts sales... Not in this case though. And I doubt anyone could blame this on trend change. I believe this is a direct result of how they abused their customer base to the point of self destruction.

I do feel sorry for all of those who are trapped in Photopost products and have no migration paths to follow.
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