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Also , on importing db i got this issue :

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As I told before , there is something wrong with new version , so I fckt my forum with new version , other versions i did without any issues . And now I need to wait for them idk how long time...

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Also , I'm not able to upgrade now my forum ....

is redirecting me to install.php

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Originally Posted by shimei View Post
I have to say that the threads you have made here and in are the most painful reading I have done in some time. You have totally ignored the staff, and the basic procedures for making backups before any upgrade, and haven't an understanding on how to restore a backup when things go wrong.

Here's an articles to help:

MySQL Export: How to backup and restore your MySQL database?
Why did you post that link , I got here an other issue for 1 day , fck cay , why i did this fcking vb 5.2 ,...
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