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Originally Posted by faustvasea97 View Post
If I will loose data , there is no point to keep that lisence from vb , the issue is not from my side , I did upgrade as i did for other versions ,,, support is slow , and ticked for my lisence are useless , are giving to me url to some documents to read ....
I have seen how slow the support is.
You may also be correct in thinking that there is something wrong with 5.2.0. It wouldn't be the first bad release they have done. I downloaded it yesterday but haven't installed it yet. I always wait for a week or 2 before I install and even then, I do it on a test site.

I have been done numerous times before over this particular piece of software and it won't be happening to me again.

I paid for the license as you did but after all this time, I am now laughing at the whole experience.
It is just another example of what people can get away with selling in this world.

No point in being bitter, nothing concerning these people is going to change.
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