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Originally Posted by faustvasea97 View Post
I will see . I'm just mad , I need to wait because they release shity version which fckt my forum and database , and now they doesn't want to help , idk how in how many days I will fix that ..... Your are lucky that didn't installed this shity version , I'm really dissapointed of support team and vbulletin soft...

I was work a lot on my forum , and I don't want to do it from 0 again...
You are not alone in this. Many people have been through the same shenanigans.
Learn form this as I and countless others have had to.
No point in talking about it much, it is generally not acceptable and heralds the closing of the topic.

You should make copies of all stuff you do, save it in a folder so you never lose it and remember to backup your database. Welcome to the system. . . .
Wish you well.
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